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Monday, 12 May 2008

The story so far!

This is the gladiolus development so far.
I have made one large set of petals and one set slightly smaller. I have designed the buds and the calyx.
I just need to make a couple more buds and calyxes and then I can assemble the whole flower.
This flower has been quite challenging but I have managed to create each petal and calyx with one "throw". The only C & T (cut and tie) is at the end of each petal/calyx.


TattingChic said...

YAY! What a lovely flower! You've done such a lovely job. Thank you for sharing your beautiful progress with us. I've been busy with my mother's day post over on my side of the blog-pond. Can't wait to tat on of those up as it's one of my fave flowers in the summer time. Thank you!!

Marty said...

Very pretty, Linda. I'm looking forward to another flower pattern book. I haven't got my bouquet started yet -- just been drooling over pictures!

singtatter said...

Simply gorgeous!

Clyde said...

Looks very nice Linda, I think you have got it.

BoB the Bike said...



Memé said...

Beautiful designs.
You are great.