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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

New doily progression

This doily is my latest creation. After tatting the Starlight Doily (see previous post) it inspired me to design a doily of my own instead of my usual flower creations.

So far I have completed (after the centre ring) 4 rounds. I thought that I had made too many stitches in round 4 as it was having trouble lying flat, but I decided to continue anyway and low and behold round 5 is tightening the whole thing up nicely!

Now.....what do I do with following rounds? Do I continue in the same vein or do I take a totally different direction? What do you think? Your input would be most welcome.....mind you, I might totally ignore it!!!! LOL ;-)


TattingChic said...

That design is awesome! I love the balance of horizontal vs. vertical lines within the doily. I think it would be great to carry one that with some differences in the way the horizontal and verical lines are played out throughout the doily rounds...does that make sense? I hope so...LOL! I'll be going to bed soon...soo tired...
I love it, thanks for sharing!

***Jon**** said...

Beautiful start to the doily.
If you don't mind repetitive motif, I think a round of the centre motifs (Rounds 1 and 2) would look nice as Round 6 of the doily. Then, followed by a repeat of Rounds 4 and 5.

Eileene said...

Linda you do such pretty work Ijust can't imagine you not knowing exactly what to do . The new doily you designed on July 27th is beautiful Keep up the good work.