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Friday, 1 May 2009

Continuing with the hyacynth

No pictures just yet but I am continuing with the hyacynth. I have done a pink one and a purple one and now I am in the process of doing a white one. When the white one is done I will arrange all three into a little pot and post a pic.

I am now seriously thinking of writing a new flower book on flowering bulbs, so if you have a favourite, let me know what you think should be in the book.

I asked the same question with the Summer Collection of Tatted Flowers book and got some really good suggestions!


Krystle said...

My favorites have always been easter lillies.

Marty said...

Tulips, Dutch Iris, crocus, chinodoxia, amarillis, paperwhite all kinds of lilies -- WOW, I really love bulb flowers. I've not had the gumption to even try the patterns yet, but certainly think they are pretty.

Carla said...

My favourites are tulips! I'd really like to see them in the book.

I'm looking forward to seeing this new book you are writing.