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Friday, 26 March 2010

Rozella Linden Celtic Wreath

One of our collegues on HBT was having difficulty tatting the Celtic Wreath by Rozella Linden and so I decided to have a go myself.
I found that the first photograph did not correspond with the pattern given, i.e. there were less picots in the rings and more picots in the chains. What I did was to ignore the first photo and worked the pattern in conjunction with the second photo (the centre motif).

There is a slight error in the instructions to join the last ring to the first ring....3 ds have been omitted after the last join.

I made the mistake of trying to tat this with one shuttle and a ball needs to be done with two shuttles. When doing the first ring of the second round, the first join must be done from the back of the work. The second join must be done from the front and to achieve this you have to put both shuttles through the motif from the back, to the front. When you make the last join, you need to take the ring thread off your fingers and bring the loop through to the front and then put it back onto your fingers, to complete the ring. This then makes the chains automatically cross over one another.
You can see from my pictures that I didn't get the first two chains right!


lareiff said...

You tat so beautifully, and so quickly! I did note that the pattern differed from the display. I just tried to follow the pattern also. The biggest difference was that I was using a ball and a shuttle. That made me invert the ring since I could not get the ball through the center. I guess I will just have to string up a second shuttle, because I do adore the pattern and would like to make it.

Ridgetatter said...

This sound awful, but I'm glad it wasn't just me! I tried this early on and was so defeated, I gave up! Perhaps I'll go back and give it another go!
LOL bj

Barbara Gordon said...

Thanks so much for sharing the corrections. This is one on my list to make. So glad I didn't even start it yet!