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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Roses - next stage

In this picture I have put three different sizes of the roses, so that you can see how they develope. When I am happy with the size and shape......each rose seems to develope a character all of its own - rarely are two exactly the same.....I finish them off with a green calyx and seed pod. I will post a picture to show the finished flowers.


Marty said...

Oh, they're just beautiful! I do hope you will post a picture of the finished cake as well. :)

tatting-marie said...

They are all so lovely. Can't wait to see the whole finished cake. The head pieces and flowers are something else also. This is so very special. Do hope we get to see lots of pictures from the wedding and reception too.

Linda S Davies said...

Oh! I can assure everyone that I shall post lots and lots of pictures of the finished articles and of the wedding itself! LOL