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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Amaryllis - completed!

I have now finished off the Amaryllis.
I have wired it using 24 and 18 gauge green coated wires and yellow stamens. I get the wire and the stamens from my local sugarcraft shops.....or you may know them better as cake decorating stores.
My next job is to write out the instructions to make up the Amaryllis and then to check through all the patterns carefully.
When I have done that the new book "Tatted Flowers From Bulbs" will be ready to put on my web site.


Ginny W said...

I love the the Amaryllis they are my favorite flower to grow, But can you put a bigger stem on it like the real ones have?

Toptattyhead said...

The only way I could have a thicker stem would be to use a cane.....the sort used to support pot plants. It's a good idea, Ginny, you made me put my thinking cap on! LOL

Ridgewoman said...

Lovely flower. You have so much patience! I agree with Ginny and yourself on the stem.. How bout encapsulating over the cane? Or padded tatting over wire..hummm
what do I know? not much on this subject, really. But I always have 'ideas' and not the technical expertise to 'make it happen' Oh well, thankfully we have you!

Pray you are feeling better.

xx bj

陳雲惠 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................