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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Double Fuchsia Flower

While I have been waiting for my thread to arrive for my Coronet Doily I have been playing with designing a double fuchsia. I did a single one in my very first book Petals to Pearls but I was recently looking at one of my beautiful double flowers in my garden and thought what a gorgeous one it would be to be replicated!
Here is the end result. I will do some leaves to make a display and then produce the pattern for it!


Sharon D. said...

Ilove the flower, and it looks so real.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!!! What a wonderful job!! pineckcreat

cecilia said...

just beautiful

Joschaocchi said...

Wunderschön, ich liebe Fuchsien.

Margarets designer cards said...

Gorgeous, what a beautiful flower and it looks so real.
I was watching one ofyour videos yesterday, I want to say thank you I have often wondered how to do a split chain and your video was brilliant. thanks.

Lenhen said...

Fuchsia is the best flower at all! )))