Designer of many tatting patterns. Simple method of beaded tatting. Flowers are my inspiration!

Thursday 30 August 2007

Completed Ruby Wedding Anniversary Card

Here is the completed card. Now all I have to do is not let my friends see it on this blog!

Wednesday 29 August 2007

Ruby collection

Just thought you would like to see the tatting that I have done for my friends' ruby wedding anniversary card. I will post the complete card when it is finished.

Thursday 23 August 2007

Exotic Range Of Tatted Flowers

The Exotic Range Of Tatted Flowers is now complete and available from my web site in either hard copy or e-book at

Monday 20 August 2007

White Orchid

Here is the last in my series "Exotic Range of Tatted Flowers" the white orchid. The book will be ready for sale within a few days. I will publish a new post when it is available.

Saturday 18 August 2007

Exotic Range of Tatted Flowers

The "Exotic Range" is now almost complete. I have one more flower to design - a white orchid - and then I will publish the book.

Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise was a real challenge but I think it came out quite well!

Arum Lily Leaf

Now the leaf to go with the flower!

Wednesday 15 August 2007

Arum Lily

This is the Arum Lily, the next in line
for my "Exotic Range".
My next will be the lily leaf.

Saturday 11 August 2007


The orchid is the next one in the exotic range.