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Saturday 16 April 2011

PDF for the fan

You will find the link to the PDF pattern for the fan at the top of the section called My Free Tatting Patterns which is on the right hand side of this blog.
Also you can find it here.

Friday 15 April 2011

Fan-tastic project! Completed

Here, as promised, are pictures of the completed fan. It is a simple ring and chain design, but I think you will agree that it looks quite effective. It is a little fiddly to close, but I think this will improve when it has been in the folded position for a while.

And it works! Even though it is lacy, it still causes a nice, ladylike draught! LOL!!!

Monday 11 April 2011

Fan-tastic project!

It was Mother's Day here recently and my son and his lovely wife, Charlie (who is coming to the end of her breast cancer treatment, took me out for a meal. While we were eating, Charlie became very hot, as she often does, due to the side effects of the treatment and I thought that a lace fan would be perfect.

I found this old paper covered fan on Ebay for a very small amount of money and bought it.

When it arrived, I pulled the paper off and gave the plastic arms a good clean in warm soapy water.

It came up gleaming!

This is the design I have come up with so far and you can see it against the fan fingers in the next picture.

When I have tatted all the spines, I will then tat a fill-in design to join them all up.

I will post some pics when it is all done.

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Flowers from Giovanna

Giovanna sent me these beautiful pictures of the Stargazer Lily pattern from my book of exotic flowers. Aren't they gorgeous! And I love the spiky flowers she has done as part of the this your own design, Giovanna?

Saturday 2 April 2011

Charlotte's Square

Here is the finished doily, it measures approximately 12 inches across.

It is Mother's Day here in the UK tomorrow (3rd April) and Howard and Charlie are taking me out for a meal in the evening. I will take the doily with me and present it to Charlie. I know it should be the other way around, but so what! she's very special!