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Wednesday 30 March 2011

Work in progress!

My new DIL, Charlotte, who is nearing completion of her breast cancer treatment, is feeling pretty rough at the moment and so I though I would cheer her up with a doily done in her favourite colours. She has a vase to sit on it that will compliment the colours perfectly.

I've got a couple of white rows to do and then I shall finish off with probably three rows of the dark purple. I am simply making it up as I go along and it seems to be flowing quite nicely....not much retro-tatting LOL!!!

The thread is Lizbeth size 40.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Handkerchief edging No 2

This is handkerchief edging No.2 from Mary Konior's book A Pattern Book of Tatting, called Betsy's Downfall. Again it is sewn to an old, never used, handkerchief that I have had since childhood and the thread is an antique DMC size 70. The handky had a pale blue appliqued butterfly in one corner and so I made a corner of the pattern to sew onto each wing. I think you will agree that it looks quite much so that my lovely DIL, Charlie, appropriated it to put in her "going out" hand bag! LOL!!!

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Handkerchief edging No 1

I recently bought a Mary Konior pattern book and this is an edging that I have done from it called Faith, Hope and Charity.
I decided to edge a handkerchief for myself to keep in my handbag. I have had the handky since I was a young girl back in the 1950/60's, but it has never been used....I'm amazed that is has stayed so beautifully white!.... and the thread is vintage Coates size 40 c...1960's
The pattern is just rings, but beautifully designed. There are no diagrams but it is well written and easy to follow.

Monday 14 March 2011

Exotic arrangement

Just look at this gorgeous arrangement that Maria Johanna Tjia has made using my book Exotic Range of Tatted Flowers!
Well done, Maria!
If any other tatters have done my patterns we would all love to see pictures of them!

Sunday 13 March 2011

Mary Konior Pattern Book

Yippee!!!! I was the winning bidder for this fabulous Mary Konior book from Ebay!
Although I rarely use other designers' patterns I simply could not resist another book from this treasured designer!
Browsing through has already given me ideas that I want to put into practice.

Monday 7 March 2011

Change of internet

I changed my internet provider to get a better deal......oh boy! what a performance!!!!!
BT Internet should have been a doddle, but when I could not get my broadband up and running and many, many calls later, they sent out an engineer this morning. You'll never guess what the problem was! In the local exchange the original engineer had wired my broadband line to ITSELF! Durrr!!!