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Sunday 29 June 2014

Joy's Split Chain Doily

Joy, from Australia, sent me this photograph of the Split Chain doily that she has completed.
Didn't she do well!

Friday 20 June 2014

Oval Doily in ecru from 2012

I had a request from Alley Cat asking if I had the PDF pattern for the Oval Doily I blogged about in January 2012
I had completely forgotten about posting the finished article so here it is in all its glory.
I have put the link to the pattern in my Free Pattern section.

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Oval Coaster PDF Pattern

Just to let everyone know that I have now published the Oval Coaster pattern in PDF format. The link is in my Free Pattern section.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Knitting squares

I was given a pattern for knitting squares directly onto one another so doing away with having to sew them together. I used just left over double knitting wool I happened to have in my stash, hence the odd arrangement of colours. The pattern worked very well and I was pleased with the end result. My hubby has claimed it as his "wuss" blanket for when he needs a "horizontal"

When I was making the above blanket I thought the pattern would lend itself well to two colours and tweaked it a bit to achieve the effect I was looking for. This is going to be a cushion cover but I thought I would do the back differently so that I can chop and change sides whenever I feel like it. You can see how far I have got on the bottom picture.