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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Anyone for cricket?

Another design for the portfolio! I have now started making my own sugarpaste and am saving myself a lot of pennies! I have been making the petal paste for the sugarcraft flowers for quite a while but the roll-out fondant icing is new for me. This is my second mix and each one is getting better. I think one more slight adjustment to the recipe and I will have got it just right!


Marty said...

Wow -- it looks just right to me! I don't see this kind of icing around here. It's mostly fluffy looking stuff, nothing so smooth!

Tattycat said...

Very nice. Congratulations on your own sugarpaste!

Unknown said...

Very nice. I notice we have cake decorating in common. How fun. I do mostly buttercream frosting on my cakes...haven't ventured into the world of fondant tho' it's quite popular and tons of cute stuff can be done. You did a good job, looks very smooth.