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Thursday 21 August 2008

Another snowflake & a ruffle!

The on-line tatting class will be doing "ruffled" tatting this evening and this is my practice piece! Pretty looking but quite labourious to do!

Also another snowflake for the Olympic event.


Jeff Hamilton said...

Your ruffled tatting looks intriguing. Is this the Hyperbolic tatting from the Online Class? I love your snowflake. I really like the overlapping chains on the outside. Is it your own design?

Toptattyhead said...

Hi Jeff! Yes, this is the hyperbolic tatting from the on-line class! I just did 3 rounds to see how it went. I was very easy for I found it quite laborious. It is not something I would like to do a lot of unless it was a shape that I really wanted!
The snowflake is part and part. The inner part is just a pattern that I found in a library book many years ago (25+) but I'm sure the designer was not acredited. The other part I simply made up as I went along, but I think it is really pretty.