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Friday 5 September 2008

It's getting there!

At last I think I have got it! Round 11 is lying beautifully flat instead of cup shaped and I think round 12 will be just fine! Just have to work out the last 2 rounds now!

Unfortunately the qualitiy of the photo is is a dark rainy day, but if I use the flash I find that it alters the colours drastically!

Have you noticed how I keep alternating the colour scheme? On every row of split rings I change the order of shuttle 1 and shuttle 2 and on the other rows I alternate the colours of the rings and chains. Neat hey?


Gina said...

It's intriguing to see how the use of color changes the visual effect. Lovely!
:-) Gina

Unknown said...

That is lovely! It looks so striking in those colors on that background. No need to apologize for the photo! It looks great!

Marilee Rockley said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! Love the color contrast, and how it brings out the design.

Tattyhead, I'm giving you an award! Check out the details on my blog. It's just a fun thing, feel free to decline if it's a burden.