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Thursday 6 November 2008

Oval Doily Progression!

I thought you would all like to see how I get to a finished tatted item.

I wind a couple of shuttles and off I go and see what turns up. Before I started, the only vision I had was that this doily was going to be an oval.

The first attempt was a good shape but there were too many stitches and I could tell that to continue was only to going to make it worse and only keep bunching up.

The second attempt seemed to start well but as I progressed I was not happy with the shape! The 6th round had too many stitches but the 7th round didn't have enough and was starting to stretch and cup.

The third attempt, so far, is coming along nicley. I am happy with the shape and the rounds are lying beautifully without resorting to the iron!
I hope this shows that, even if the finished article ends up looking like any other doily, I am working solely out of my own head. Naturally we designers are all influenced by the years of tatting we have done in the past, but we are not re-inveneting the wheel here and there are only so many shapes that can be achieved. Having said that, when I have finished, I will scour my pattern books and surf the internet, hoping not to find something almost identicle! Only then will I put the pattern out to the public.


Unknown said...

Your oval doily is coming along and it is nice to see the progression. Thank you for sharing your different starts with all of us. :)

Toptattyhead said...

Thank you, Tattingchic. I thought it might be helpful to other potential designers to know the growing pains we all go through! LOL

Unknown said...

Great idea to show your progression. It gives other tatters an idea of the work that goes into designing an item. Good luck and keep tatting.

BoB the Bike said...

Grand stuff. looking forward to the end