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Tuesday 17 August 2010

Laptop Distaster!

Sunday evening I DROPPED MY LAPTOP onto the patio and it is completely kaput! When we took the hard drives out to recover my files, one was OK, but the one with all my important files on was completely unsalvageable!

I have all my books on back-up disks, but not my latest book, Flowers From Bulbs. It was very nearly finished and now I will have to start all over again! It's a salutary lesson. In future I will back-up much more frequently.

All my new video files are gone, that is something else that I will have to start again!

Many of my latest tatting pictures are gone, but I can recover several of them from my free pattern PDF files, as they are hosted on the internet.

So, my dear friends, learn from my mistakes, and make sure you back-up your important files regularly!


Marty said...

Oh, what an absolutely miserable thing to have happen! I hope you can get your lost files reconstructed! AND -- I think I'll back up my computer when I get home!

Anonymous said...

Oh Linda, I can understand your agony.

My mother had a similar problem (her laptop didn't fall though, but rather, the hardware went bad. She lost everything that wasn't backed up on to her pen drive)

Here's hoping to a speedy recovery with your files.

How are you now? It's been a bit since your surgery.. recovering well I hope.

take care,

Eileene said...

OMG !!! I feel awful for you. All that work . I'm so sorry. Love, Eileene

BSOTF said...

I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you. Cause I know you help so many others with your viedos & like me, so many others also enjoy your wonderful books. Yes, I know we will all wait for you to get your new book done how you want it to be. For you want it just a perfect style of your's. Yes, it's worth the wait.
Now I'm going to tell you, I joined the club of those who have had problems with their computers lately. No, I didn't drop mine. Mine was busy having a fight with the router over programming to work. So for the last week, I hadn't been able to get on the net. Now it's all working fine thanks to my oldest son. Which he ribbed me over the whole deal too. But it was worth it cause he found out that I hadn't done anything to cause it. I agree with you on backups being very importain. Accidents happen for a reason, only for you it was one that was just that an accident. They just happen.

Jeff Hamilton said...

That's too bad. If you need them, I should have the PDF files from the patterns I test-tatted for you. Let me know if you want them, and I can email them back to you (with any corrections). Hopefully you get back on track soon.

Tatskool said...

OMG, disaster, and it could still happen o any of us. Dratted technology, long live paper!