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Wednesday 13 October 2010

Coronet Doily - Nearly there!

Nearly done!
The new stitch count is working out very well as can be seen from the picture.
I am getting on well with the written instructions as well. Just the last round that is complicated to write out. Although I will include good digital close-ups I think it will also need a diagram to get my explanation across!
Each point of the coronet starts in a backwards direction and may be consfusing to tat just by looking at the picture.
Clyde has very kindly agreed to test tat the pattern for me, and I shall definitely be taking him up on this. I hope he will still be by friend afterwards! LOL!!!


madziula said...


Beelizabeth said...

This design is sooo pretty- and I never would have thought to do it in the pink and green combination. I love it.

Denise's Blog said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors.

Fox said...

...better and better!
Fox : )

Anonymous said...

LOL... you're so funny Linda... I'm sure Clyde will still want to be your friend when he gets done test-tatting :-D

The name is certainly be-fitting, and the colorway is a beautiful choice... it makes me think of flower petals and leaves

Unknown said...

Hi Linda, of course I will still be your friend. This doily is looking amazing and I can't wait to tat it.