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Monday 25 October 2010

Web Site Up and Running!

At last my web site is back to normal. A close family friend sorted it all out for me, in seconds, after I had been trying for days! You wouldn't believe that just one click could make such a difference!

My new book Tatted Flowers From Bulbs is now listed on my web site and there is a link on the right side bar in the Items For Sale.

I have inlcuded a picture of our friend's little girl, Imogen Rose, who is nearly three years old. Old friends of my blog will remember me blogging about her birth and her Christening
She is fearlessly lying on the observation glass at the top of Blackpool Tower. Blackpool Tower is a smaller version of the Eifel Tower in Paris.


Kirsty said...

How gorgeous is she?!?

Art by JoyMac said...

What a lovely little girl.


Fox said...

Great photo! Took me a moment...
Fox : )

Anonymous said...

She's getting so big... a pretty little lady now

I would be scared to death to do what she's doing!! LOL