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Tuesday 23 November 2010

Christmas knitting

My tatting is on hold at the moment as I am now concentrating on knitting presents for Christmas.

The cardigan shown is one I have just done (it took me 10 days to would have been less, but I had to wait for the zip) and did not have pockets in the pattern so I made up my own. What use is a jacket without pockets! This cardy is acutally a birthday present for our best friend, Allan's, 65th, which is only 4 days before Christmas!

I won't be able to start my next garment until Thursday.....that is when my next lot of wool will arrive. I use 4 ply cone wool and put two strands together to make double knitting weight and three strands together for Aran weight. I find this much better than buying wool of the actual weight, especially if it is acrylic. It produces a much tighter knit and keeps its shape wash after wash. I also use smaller needles and adjust the stitch count for the tension. With the cardy just done it was three strands of different colours, dark brown, camel and beige, which made an interesting tweed look.


BSOTF said...

That is a very handsome sweater. Your friend will be very pleased & keep warm in it. Yes, it's time to gear up the Christmas gifts. Have a wonderful Holiday season!

Anonymous said...

Hey that's really nice!

I don't know much about knitting, but I do know that it has a very nice and together feel.

Tattingrid said...

You did that in 10 days?! It would take me 10 years! What a nice gift!

battatter said...

Wow.. that is lovely! I WISH I could knit that well and that fast!
I know Allan will be overjoyed to receive it!

Art by JoyMac said...

Your knitted cardigan is fantastic I am sure that Alan will love sure knit quick

Joy in OZ

Margarets designer cards said...

Great pattern and lovely cardigan well done for knitting it in 10 days

Maureen said...

I've just seen this - came to look at the tiaras which are beautiful!
What a wonderful idea, to use yarn in bulk for your knitting - I knit all the time and the prices for all the skeins of upmarket "wool" are astronomical - I must find out where I can buy coned yarn here too!
You're such a fast knitter, maybe you borrowed Mrs Weasley's wand from Harry potter!