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Thursday 25 November 2010

Tiaras assembled

While I'm waiting for my new wool to arrive I thought I would finish off a couple of tiaras.
I have attached the tatting to the headband using fine jewellery wire. The left one I added pearl beads at the same time. This could also be done for the one on the right and I think it would benefit from it....what do you think?
After I had assembled the tiaras I felt that they were not stiff enough - I had used "Fraycheck" - and so I dipped the tatting in full strength PVA glue, wiped off the excess with a damp cloth and reshaped the tatting by moulding them against curmpled alluminium foil. The stiffness is now perfect!


Anonymous said...

they look really nice!

Adding beads to the one on the left... maybe. Not sure. I like it as-is, but it could be optional.

I think sequins might look nice.

Did you have trouble wiping off the glue from the beads?

Margarets designer cards said...

They are beautiful, never seen tirars done in tatting before, although I was told it was possible, your patterns are lovely

Art by JoyMac said...

Hi Linda,
The Tiaras are absolutely gorgeous.I love the top one with the Pearl truly are a magnificent designer I adore you work
Joy in OZ

Valerie said...

Totally beautiful tiaras!

You were bold to dip the whole tatting into PVA glue and it did the trick. I used PVA glue but mixed with a little water and brushed layers until I got the right stiffness. :)

Alan Kolodny said...

Love the Tiaras. Can't wait for the books to come out. I bet they would look awesome in silver wire.
by the way way which PVA glue do you use?

Toptattyhead said...

Thank you, one and all, for your lovely comments.
PVA glue wipes off easily with a damp cloth, so long as you do it straight away. You have to makes sure that is has soaked well into the stitches and that you wipe it out of the picots and off the beads.
Once the tatting is soaked and the excess wiped off, it is easier to shape the tatting how you want it.
The PVA glue I used on this occassion was a multi-purpose PVA by Hobycraft which is a popular craft store (Hobbycraft that is) in the UK.

BoB said...

Thems Lovely


whos_i_be said...

Great tiaras! One question--would it have been easier to tat the stitches directly onto the main wire instead of attaching it later with wire?

Toptattyhead said...

It's a thought....but when I designed the tatting I did not have the headbands at that time.

Unknown said...

Yo he utilizado cola blanca y quedan rigidas, pero cuando hay dias humedos se vuelven suaves, pierden su rigidez. Que puedo hacer para que esto no suceda. Con que las sello