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Monday, 28 February 2011

Video demo uploaded

I was asked to demonstrate tatting the outer edging of my Coronet Doily as it was a little complicated and here is the end result.

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Kathy Niklewicz said...

I am beyond speechless! This video is MONUMENTAL! It's the first time I know of where viewers can see someone working on a LARGE piece of tatting, and how it has to be manipulated to achieve certain joins and effects. It's also wonderful to see how fast you manipulate the shuttle(s) (in this case, the Aero).

First, there is the doily DESIGN itself, which is amazing. Second is the PATTERN which you not only provided free, but is an incredible work in itself - not only the detailed instructions but the amazing PHOTOS!! I would think those would provide more than enough information, but then you did the amazing VIDEO!

Your level of computer knowledge blows me away, let alone your tatting expertise. In the meantime, I suppose you also decorated some cakes, for 'relaxation' (LOL!)

You deserve some kind of award for all of this! Your generosity and spirit of sharing is as awe-inspiring as your beautiful work! Bravo!