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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Handkerchief edging No 2

This is handkerchief edging No.2 from Mary Konior's book A Pattern Book of Tatting, called Betsy's Downfall. Again it is sewn to an old, never used, handkerchief that I have had since childhood and the thread is an antique DMC size 70. The handky had a pale blue appliqued butterfly in one corner and so I made a corner of the pattern to sew onto each wing. I think you will agree that it looks quite much so that my lovely DIL, Charlie, appropriated it to put in her "going out" hand bag! LOL!!!


Fox said...

So pretty.

I am doing another edging because of the blue one you tatted. I like this one even better!

I chose 'Oranges and Lemons'. So hard to choose! It is very simple, so I am adding tiny yellow beads - looks good so far. Thanks for the inspiration.
Fox : )

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Very pretty! I can hardly wait to start working on hankies... after I finish my current projects, of course!

IsDihara said...

Stunning, exquisite handwork! Such a beautiful handkerchief now.

Unknown said...

Simplemente ¡¡¡HERMOSO!!! un ribete muy fino y la alas de la mariposa una gran idea. Asi el paƱuelo es todo un lujo.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Your work, as always, is of the highest caliber, and repeating the design in the corner adds that special touch!

Mary certainly was a fabulous designer. We are so lucky that she published her patterns for all of us to enjoy and admire.

Toptattyhead said...

Thank you all for your lovely encourages me to keep the shuttles flying!

Magaret of Margarets Designer Cards kindly left me a comment which I managed to delete by mistake when I was moderating! This has never happened to me before and I shall have to take more care in future and make sure I hit Publish and not Delete!! I still had the comment in my email inbox and so have copied and pasted it below:-

Beautiful, another lovely pattern and the butterfly in the corner makes a very pretty hanky.