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Thursday 11 August 2011

Round doily

My dear daughter-in-law asked me to make her another doily in brown and cream, to match her decor, to go under a vase.
On the journey to visit my mum on Tuesday, I came up with this design and finished it last night.
I used split rings and split chains to climb out of the rounds to prevent tying and cutting, but this shows up as the wrong colour. I decided that it didn't matter as the centre would be under the ornament and not seen.
I eventually worked out how to do the split chain with just one colour, but I couldn't remember how to do a single shuttle split ring, which might have solved the two-colour problem in the rings!
I really enjoyed doing this simple pattern and I am going to do it again with a single variagated thread and write the pattern out at the same time. When it is done I will post it here on my blog.


God's Kid said...

What a wonderful doily! :)

Tat-a-Renda said...

You do come up with lovely designs. This is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It's very pretty, Linda!

Oh btw, I finally was able to get DB to order the tiara book for me. So sorry it took so long.

The patterns look so pretty!! Now, I just need to make time to print them out! lol

Take care!!

Ladytats said...

very pretty LInda

Miranda said...

I like the contrast between the dark and light threads. The shape of the outer round is very interesting, too.

See Jane Eborall's pattern and instruction page at for instructions on how to do both "normal" single shuttle split rings and the ones where you carry the second shuttle through to climb into the next round.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Because of the two colors, this is SO instructional to show how (and where in this case) the split chain and split ring are achieved to go from one round to the other. I've not tried the split chain yet, and vaguely understand it. I also need more practice to master the single-shuttle split ring! The tatters from years ago would be amazed at all these 'new' techniques!

I'm totally impressed that you tatted this so quickly!

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful doily. Love the colors too:)

Pop Lenuta Maria said...

Beautiful doily.
I can not wait to finish the other one and I hope that pattern will be free because I realy realy want to do it myself.

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful Doily and lovely design, I look forward to seeing it in a single variagated thread, does not look that simple.

Ladytats said...

Thank you Linda, how generous for offering it free.