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Monday 9 April 2012

Split Chain - step by step instructions

Tat the first part of the chain in the normal way, to the point where you want the two shuttle threads to meet. Join the core thread to the base of the first ring with a lock join and leave enough thread to work the 5 stitches needed to complete the chain, back towards the last chain stitch worked. Always leave a little less thread, as this will stretch as you work the backward stitches.

 Using the core thread shuttle, pull a loop of thread, from the back, to the front, taking great care not to twist the loop. Thread the shuttle through the loop from the back to the front.
 Gently pull the shuttle thread until the loop is much smaller and then push the loop under the chain towards the back.
 Pull the loop at the back, gently reducing the thread and you will see the first half of the stitch taking shape.
 Draw all the way until the first half of the stitch is tightly into position, taking great care not to twist the new loop that is forming.
 Thread the shuttle, from the front to the back, through this new loop. This forms the second half of the stitch, therefore draw up the excess thread until the second half sits snuggly against the first half.
 First double stitch completed.

Repeat the process until all five stitches are completed and the threads are together in position, ready for starting a new round either with a chain or a split ring.


Carolivy said...

Thanks for these great directions Linda! Wnen I need to do a split chain I always have to watch your I will be able to do them when I'm not at my computer.

Ladytats said...

a very good pictorial Linda, thanks

Unknown said...

WOW. Thank you Linda these directions are great and very easy to follow.

JB said...

Great step by step instructions. Thanks for sharing them with us. They will be so helpful.

Margarets designer cards said...

Thank you for sharing it so well, I tried to do this a few months ago and gave up I was just unable to doit, following your step by step I am sure I will be able to do now.

Thank you

West Pine Creations said...

Thank you soooo much, Linda. This made more sense, than another reference on how to make them. This was easy. BTW, love your tatting!!!

West Pine Creations

Joschaocchi said...

Vielen Dank für die Anleitung zu Split Bögen. Ich habe mich bis jetzt noch nicht gewagt,welche zu arbeiten.
Werde mit Ihrer Anleitung einen Versuch wagen.
Danke nochmals

Fox said...

Well done, Linda! Thanks!
Fox : )

tatterjil said...

THANK YOU. I have managed split chains before, but always had to be able to pass the shuttle underneath the chain, which obviously limits the designs on which they can be used. This was super easy to follow and worked perfectly and now I can do split chains anywhere I want! Thank you so much.

Janet said...

Can any of these pattern be done with needles?

Thanks jan

Toptattyhead said...

Sorry, Jan, I do not do needle tatting, perhaps one of the other tatters can answer this for you.