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Saturday 23 August 2008

Gold Medal!

Some of the members of Here-be-Tatters have been joining in the Olympics by doing tatting events like the Motif Marathon, the Handkie Edging Hurdles and the Snowflake Slalem, to mention but a few. I have been doing the Snowflake Slalem and am so pleased with the amount that I have made (in spite of life getting in the way) that I have awarded myself a gold medal! LOL


Tatskool said...

That's gorgeous, is it your own pattern?????? Love the colour.

Toptattyhead said...

Mostly my own design, tatskool. The centre bit you will find in the public domain in more than one book but the outer rows are my own addtition. I used gold coloured Rubi thread size 20 together with a gold filament, plus gold shiny beads. It sparkles prettily but doesn't show up well on the photo!

Tatskool said...

I can believe that it looks even better in real life, they so often do. It's so hard to capture the sparkle.A well deserved gold medal!