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Sunday 24 August 2008

Starburst Coaster

I decided I needed to re-tat my Starbusrt Doily only this time I used size 70 white cotton instead of size 40 ecru. You know how it is, you think you know your own pattern and don't take a lot of notice of what is written down. Needless to say I did it wrong, but oh happy event, it turned out well! I forgot to repeat a couple of the rounds before I did the first scalloped roound, but it shows that the pattern works well as a motif/coaster. The doily can now be done in three sizes, 6 rounds makes the coaster, 8 rounds makes a small doily and 14 rounds makes the large doily!


Tat-a-Renda said...

Mistake or not, I like this design as well. And very flexible too in terms of the sizes. This would look very pretty in a table setting.

Marty said...

This also makes a good-sized rather nifty snowflake! It's wonderful.

Unknown said...

Your coaster looks lovely!