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Wednesday 18 November 2009

Pattern PDF for the Cross Bookmark

I have now put the PDF of the pattern for my Cross Bookmark into my free patterns section on the right side bar of my blog. It is an ideal pattern for beginners and I hope you enjoy trying it out!

And here is the link to the pattern PDF


Tatskool said...

Thanks Linda, are you back to fullsteam ahead?

Unknown said...

Well Done Linda. It is the perfect bookmark for the beginner and very pretty in its simplicity.

Mamabird2.4 said...

I'm trying this pattern out but have some trouble with the "paperclip part I don't understand what to do where is says to add a paperclip? Could you help at all? I really want to make this bookmark, it's so beautiful!
Many thanks!

Toptattyhead said...

Mamabird4, I've just taken a look at the pattern (it's a long time since I did) but I don't see how much more I can explain it. The paper clip is placed onto the shuttle thread....not the chain create a tiny space. It is done like this because there are two chains made after each other without a ring in between. I hope this helps.