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Sunday 28 March 2010

Bridal Headband

Here, as promised, is a picture of the completed bridal headband that is for my future daughter-in-law's maid of honour.
I have made it with exactly the same flowers, motifs, ribbons and pearl tatting as the bride's headdress, but with less in it, to distinguish between the two. Can't have the bridesmaid upstaging the bride, now can we? LOL


Bonnie said...

I'm sure the maid of honor will love this, it's beautiful.

Karen said...

Thank you for letting us see your fantastic creations. Will we get to see wedding pictures? Karen

Toptattyhead said...

Thank you, Bonnie, and yes, Karen, I will post pictures of the wedding, but it isn't until Sept 4th.
Tomorrow I start to make the sugar roses for the cake. The dried fruit for the cake is already soaking (four days now) in lashings of brandy!

Unknown said...

This is so very lovely! You are amazingly talented! What an ethereal beauty of a work of art.