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Tuesday 13 April 2010

Wedding Cake Roses

I have not done any tatting for a while now for two main reasons.

One: I have had to travel long distances to see a professor about my back problem and:

Two: I am now in the throws of making my son's wedding cake flowers. The rich fruit cake is already made and maturing nicely. I made it with a half bottle of brandy in the mix, so it should be well matured by the time the wedding comes along in September!

Charlie's bouquet is going to be roses and so she wants roses on the cake.

I start with making a teardrop shaped bud on a wire (as you can see in the first picture). I made 6 dozen centre buds! I then add each petal individually. So far I have done 3 dozen with 4 petals each. Some will stay as tight buds, the others will grow into larger flowers the more petals I put on them, and also increasing the petal size.
I will post more pictures as they develope.


Marty said...

Oh, they are very pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing them grow.

Fox said...

What a wonderful cake that is going to be!
Fox : )

Vanessa said...

How beautiful (and edible....) I look forward to seeing the follow up photos.

Barbara Gordon said...

So far they look beautiful enough to eat! ha, ha! Good job...