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Wednesday 25 August 2010

Starting again

I have my new laptop and I have made a start on re-doing my book Tatted Flowers From Bulbs. Fortunately Jeff Hamilton kindly sent me 3 of my patterns on PDF that he had test tatted for me and so I have been able to just copy and paste these three....only about another 6 to go....but of course this time I have to type out the whole patterns and re-do the pictures!

Not long now to the big day! I tried on my whole ensemble the other day, but I did not like it! I have decided to wear something completely different, the prerogative of the mother of the groom to change her mind! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! LOL

AND I have had my hair cut was down as far as my shoulder blades! I've gone for a whole new look!

5 comments: said...

Now that's not fun! Its frustrating to have to go back and try to remember what you've done! Hopefully everything remains sharp in your memory.

Ridgewoman said...

Well the new outfit and the new haircut sounds all good. Lifts a gal's spirits, I say.

But what a bummer about the laptop…there is nothing I can say or do to kiss that boo boo away…I'll just sit beside you and curse, or cry or have a cuppa…what every you want to do…in silence.

xxx bj

Tatskool said...

You have changed your mind on your outfit....that's too funny for words.
That is exactly what i did, tried it all on and didn't like it!! bought another..then took that back...and bought another, getting more dramatic every time..the perogative of the mother of the groom!! I wanted to be Queen for a day! We need more children to be able to do it all again! How often do we get the chance to look our best. I don't think I will ever look that good again!
Hope you enjoy YOUR day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Glad to hear you're back online, at least you were saved 3 patterns... Hooray Jeff!!

I can't wait to see the photos of the big day, your ensemble and your new 'do!

Take care,

Art by JoyMac said...

Arent we women allowed to change our minds will have a wonderful day no matter what...just enjoy and show us lots of photos
Joy in OZ